Does your pet have seasonal allergies?

Have you noticed your pet scratching, scooting, or shaking its head lately? You are not the only one! Many pets have seasonal allergies, just like we do. While they may not have watery eyes or sneeze like us, they may have many other symptoms you may be overlooking. Our friends over at Michelson Found Animals have provided a complete list of symptoms your pet may have indicating seasonal allergies.


What can you do at home to relieve some of your pet's symptoms? 

  • Give your pet regular baths with a mild shampoo or an allergy shampoo like Nature's Specialties Derma-Treat or Quick Relief shampoos. You can do it yourself at home or ask for one of our premium shampoo upgrades at your next appointment.
  • Wipe your pet's paws, legs and muzzle after each walk with a shampoo wipe like Nooties Waterless Shampoo wipes (on sale at Ted's for the month of May!!). This will get rid of topical irritants like trees, grass or pollen. 
  • If your pet develops an infection from scratching, you can relieve the itching and fight infections with a topical spray like King K9's CBD hot spot spray, Nature's Specialties Wham! Anti-itch spray or Espree's Tea tree medicated anti-itch spray.
  • To protect your dog's ears from getting infections, clean their ears once a week with a gentle solution like Espree's Ear Care. If your dog is prone to seasonal allergies they will produce more waxy buildup. Checking their ears once per week will help you to be on top of any potential infection. Also make sure your groomer checks your dog's ears for excessive hair growth and if needed pluck the excess hair. 
  • Other ways you can help relieve your pet's allergy symptoms are to include a daily multivitamin (like Earth Animals Internal Powder), an herbal allergy supplement (like Earth Animals Allergy and Skin drops or Herbsmith's AllerQ) and fortifying their skin and coat with omega 3 supplements like fish oil or kelp powder and a high quality pet food. 

As always, check with your vet if you have any questions about allergies, skin irritations, or ear infections.