Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Ted's is sponsoring senior pets looking for a home through our adoption partners: Ferdinand's Familia, Dogs Fur Days, Maltese & More, Second Chance Dog Rescue, and The Rescue House rescue groups. Each senior pet that is adopted from these organizations will receive 15% off all supplies purchased at our store and dogs get a free Splash n' Dry to make a clean start with their new family. Just bring in your adoption paperwork to receive the discounts!

Reasons to adopt a senior:

  • Old enough to know better: They are out of the puppy chewing and potty training phase so most can be trusted while home alone.
  • They don’t have anything to hide: Dogs and cats are behaviorally and emotionally mature at the age of 3.
  • Plenty of life to live: With dogs and cats living 15 to 20 years, even an 8 year old pet still has plenty of fun and adventure left in them to be your co-pilot.
  • Teaching kids a valuable lesson: What better lesson for your kids to learn than adopting a dog that no one wanted because they were old. Yes, their lives might be shorter than puppies, but you will love them just as much and may get to spoil them more in the time they have left. Yes, it will be sad when they pass, but the fun times outweigh the sad times 10 fold.


Available Senior Pets



Angel is unique looking dilute calico female, roughly born on 10/29/2008. She was brought to The Rescue House in 2009 with her mamma and litter mates.

She was soon adopted into a family. Somehow she was picked up by the Oceanside Humane Society years later and her microchip traced back to The Rescue House. Of course we quickly brought her back into our rescue family!

Angel is a very sweet, friendly and loving kitty. Though she isn’t much for play, she does love to be petted and will sit in your lap for hours getting all your attention. She is selective about her cat friends although a kitty friend that doesn’t try to dominate or bother her would probably be alright with her. She would be quite content as your only love: Angel likes to be the center of attention.

When Angel came back to The Rescue House we resolved a dental disease called stomatitis. Per accepted veterinary protocol, all her teeth were removed and she has been fine ever since and enjoys her meal times now. Upon her return, she also tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Cats with FIV often live long and symptom free lives. This virus is a cat only virus that affects the immune system and can NOT be passed in casual contact between cats. A cat that had the FIV vaccine will also test positive for FIV even though they do not have FIV. This sweet loving kitty is looking for someone to love her for the rest of her life.

Will you be the one to reap the benefits of this sweet kitty’s love?

Angel’s adoption fee is $100.00 through The Rescue House.



Annie is a long haired Torbie born roughly on 9/1/2007. She had a home for ten years but when her “guardian” moved, she didn’t include Annie. The Rescue House in San Diego decided to help.

Due to the dramatic upheaval she experienced, Annie can be reserved. However, she responds to kindness and love and is an exceptionally sweet girl who loves to be petted. She will sit on your desk and watch you work and flex her paws in gratitude with an occasional pet and be very grateful for a treat now and then.

She may do well living with other cats. Since she has such a gentle nature, she may be okay with older and quieter children who understand how to be patient with her. She hasn’t met dogs to our knowledge, though if gradually introduced to a calm dog might be okay. Overall, Annie just needs a very calm, quiet, and understanding environment where she can flourish. Annie lost the only home she had known for ten years and was bewildered. Although she is not a young cat, she still has lots of life and love to give to someone kind enough to show her compassion and give her a second chance. Will you give Annie the chance to shine?

Annie’s adoption fee is $100.00 and she is available through The Rescue House.



Gretel is a 15 year old, spayed female Poodle Mix who has been with Ferdinand’s Familia for over a year. She is good with all species, all people, and is housebroken. Gretel does great in large crowds, loves to be pampered on spa days and does amazing with children. Gretel joined us for Ted’s Grand Opening Event and Ted approves of this fine young lady.

Her adoption fee is $75 through Ferdinand’s Familia.



Nigel is a 10 year old Bull Terrier who has lots of energy. Nigel is good with other dogs but not good with other species. Due to his high energy, we recommend no children in the home. Otherwise he is great with all adults. He is housebroken and crate trained. Nigel came to Ferdinand’s Familia after his owner passed away August. The owner was a very close friend to the rescue and now they need to stand by their promise of finding him a great home. Nigel does have an allergy to fleas so it is important to stay on top of oral flea treatment.

Nigel’s adoption fee is $150.00 and $50 if the adopters are active seniors themselves. He is available through Ferdinand’s Familia.



Rudy is a stunning black shorthaired male, roughly born on 5/30/2008. He originally came to The Rescue House as a kitten; he found a great home where he was a beloved companion until recently when his guardian’s rent was raised to the point she could no longer stay in her home or care for her cats. Rudy has come back to us to find a new special family.

Rudy is an extremely loving cat - he wants to be in your lap whenever he can and in the same room with you. He answers to his name! Rudy loves to bask in the warm sun that streams in a window and while he isn’t the most active of cats he is certainly one of the most endearing in his devotion to his person.

Rudy needs to be an only cat. We don’t yet know his thoughts on dogs. Older respectful children would most likely be fine though he has not been around kids to our knowledge.

Rudy tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus-FIV. Cats with FIV often live long and symptom free lives. This virus is a cat only virus that affects the immune system and can NOT be passed in casual contact between cats. A cat that had the FIV vaccine will also test positive for FIV even though they do not have FIV. Whoever adopts Rudy will be the lucky recipient of his lap-dog-like snuggles and affection. He wants to make that connection again. Maybe with you?

Rudy’s adoption fee is $100.00 and is available through The Rescue House.



Sassy is a female gray and white tabby roughly born on 2/25/2005. She was adopted as a youngster from The Rescue House in San Diego and lived happily with her devoted guardian until he lost his home and was unable to keep her. She came back to us and is in search of her new home.

Sassy is as cute as a button and could pass for 3 years old as easily as 13. “Spunky” best describes her personality and her name suits her to a T. Playtime after breakfast with a wand toy and play cube or tunnel is a must, then it’s on to brushing and perhaps some nature watching from her cat tree perch near the window. When you sit down you’ll soon find Sassy on your lap happy to watch a TV show with you. Overall Sassy is a little bundle of fun and great companion. Sassy is not interested in a new friend and should be in a single cat home. She would do well in a home where she gets lots of attention. We don’t know how she would react to a dog. She hasn’t ever lived with one.

Although Sassy’s retirement plans abruptly changed, she adapted very quickly to her foster home. Will you make your home her last and lavish her with the love she deserves?

Sassy’s adoption fee is $100.00 through The Rescue House.



Smokey is a Russian Blue mix, born roughly on 8/5/2003. His guardian recently passed away and now is looking for a new home. Smokey has diabetes and requires insulin twice a day, so he is staying in foster care with Rescue House in San Diego while he waits for his next home. He also has a special diet that keeps him comfortable.

Smokey is an older sweet gentleman who loves nothing more than to sunbathe and roll around while someone pets him. He can be vocal at times, yet mostly he is just a calm and mellow guy looking for some love and attention. Smokey’s favorite place to sleep is on a bed with a soft Sherpa blanket or inside a little cat cube with his bed inside. He enjoys looking out the window.

Smokey has lived comfortably with other cats though he does not interact much with them. It is unknown how he feels about dogs. Because he is older, he may not appreciate one unless it was a calm dog who left him alone. Smokey would be happiest in a quiet home.

Smokey knows what it means to be loved. He has had and appreciated that love all his life. Can you open your heart and home to allow Smokey a chance to live out the rest of his golden years giving and receiving love?

Smokey’s adoption fee is $100.00 and he is available through The Rescue House.



Snowball is a white long haired cat born on 6/22/2007. He lost his home when his guardian needed to make a cross-continental move where it would not be a safe destination for a kitty with Snowball’s special needs: he is deaf, something common in white cats.

Snowball is a very smart cat who responds to sign language! He has special signals for “come here”, “get down” and more. He loves to be brushed and enjoys the warm air from a hair dryer. Snowball gives air kisses, will stand up on his back feet for pets, blinks at you when you blow air kisses to him, and likes, to take showers with his person. He loves people is very affectionate with those who “get” him.

Snowball needs to be an only animal. Young and/or rambunctious children would not be a good fit. Older, cat-savvy teens who understand his needs and preferences could work.

Snowball’s life has been turned inside out and upside down, and he wants nothing more than to get some stability back in his life once and for all.

Snowball’s adoption fee is $100.00 through The Rescue House.