Open Farm Dog Pasture Lamb

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Pasture raised grass-fed New Zealand lamb delivered from our partner farms and blended with local, non-GMO veggies and legumes, and a nutritious blend of coconut and fish oils. Proud to support family farms local and around the world, Open Farm uses high-quality meat and produce to create a hearty and healthy dog food. Pastured-Raised Lamb Recipe is a high protein, grain-free, no potato, no poultry recipe that uses Grass-fed New Zealand lamb; ocean caught whitefish, herring and other fruits and vegetables. The use of lamb, whitefish, herring, coconut and salmon oil gives this food the omega 3 and omega six fatty acids that boost the immune system, reduce inflammation in joints, support the growth of puppies, and shine to their coat and skin. The recipe also contains a healthy dose of prebiotic fibres, from chicory root and apples. A plant fibre that aids in digestion and improves the immune system. Open Farm dog food uses a medium size kibble that supports every stage of your dog's life and can be fed as a standalone diet or as a rotational feeding with their other flavours. Non-GMO fruits and vegetables used. No artificial flavours, preservatives, by-products, and no rendered meats. Open Farms dog food New Zealand lamb has met the standards of the Global Animal Partnership.